Where Ideas Launch Podcast: The Eco Helpers

November 7, 2022

I love the moment when you’re on a call and we start talking about what we can help them with, and then they’re lighting up because they can see all the new things that they can do and the time back that they’ll have to focus on those things that they love.” – Davey, episode #86

Where Ideas Launch – The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator is hosted by Katherine Ann Byam. She interviews some of the most prolific thinkers, creators, and educators on their journey to create sustainable incomes and businesses. This podcast will teach you how to be creative, create business models, and explore curiosity with the courage to level up in your career.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why we chose to support sustainable businesses
  • We share some of the amazing businesses that we support and why they excite us
  • Our major successes, and major challenges in establishing a digital nomad agency
  • What it’s like to work side-by-side with your partner
  • Insight into outsourcing mastery and how to set up for success

Listen to our episode here or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

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We enjoy talking about the benefits of outsourcing, having a higher purpose, and how entrepreneurs can use their businesses for good – for people, the planet, and themselves.

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