Ethically nurture and
convert your subscribers

Done-for-you automated email sequences
for change-making service providers



Build trust with the people who want to hear from you.

Lean less on social media

Warm up your audience


Let your automated emails do the marketing work for you.

The shoe hits the trail when you

treat your subscribers like real people.

With a personalized nurture sequence:

  • Subscribers will get to know, trust, and like you and your brand.
  • You’ll educate and serve with valuable content—just like you promised.
  • Your customized copy will inspire them to take action when the time is right.*

*When the time is right for them. We don’t do guilt-based marketing here. (Ew).

“The peace of mind I received from working with TEH and K was priceless. The thought of putting together an email sequence stressed me out to no end… I really loved the easy-to-follow structure that they had in place and I appreciated the team’s desire to get things right.”

— Leslie Lew, Trauma-Informed Self-Defense Coach

Human-first email nurture sequences & set up

5-7 emails | $1200

What you get:

  • 1-hr strategy call to understand your offer and goals
  • Up to 7 welcome/nurture emails to introduce your subscribers to you and your business (and clarify how you can support them!)
  • Customized, on-brand landing & thank you pages to welcome new subscribers into your world
  • Automation/workflow setup—inside your own email platform
  • 90-day follow-up consultation to see what’s working and what could be improved
  • 3 experts invested in your business’s success

Approximate timeline = 2 weeks 

Is email worth it? Check out the stats:

Welcome emails can drive 320% more
revenue than other promotional messages.

The average ROI for email marketing
is $42 for every dollar spent.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger
purchases than any non-nurtured ones.

Connect with your future favorite clients.

Davey & Daphnah

The Eco Helper

Tech & Design experts

Davey & Daphnah are virtual assistants who support eco and ethically conscious entrepreneurs maximize their impact by taking on the less sexy business tasks – general admin, setting up tech systems, and content creation & management – while implementing green marketing practices.

They’ve set up email sequences for a variety of clients in several different email marketing platforms. MailerLite is their favorite but they’ll gladly hop into whichever one suits your business needs the best. If you’re unsure, or don’t have one yet, they can help you make the best decision and even set it up for you.

Karonica Paige

Karonica Paige

Copywriting pro

Karonica creates human-first email copy to grow revenue and build lasting relationships. Using empathy and strategy, she supports change-making service providers in scaling their email marketing.

She’s written for a variety of voices, including designers, photographers, e-commerce experts, and executive coaches. Several of her ghostwritten pieces have appeared in Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Karonica’s goal is to educate and serve others with content that is accessible, relatable, and actionable.

“Karonica is not only a great writer, but she pays close attention to detail and always delivers on time (or before!). I can’t recommend her enough.”

— Kaleigh Moore, Freelance Writer for Ecommerce and SaaS

Your subscribers gave you permission to ring the doorbell.


Real-life people saw your lead magnet and decided to trust you with their email address.

Now you just need to show up with the cookies —we mean, content—you promised.

“Is this service right for me?”

You want to foster a deeper connection and build
with the people on your email list.

You keep meaning to refresh your email
nurture sequences
, but don’t have time.

You have a lead magnet but aren’t sure
what to say to people after they sign up.

“It’s such a relief being able to focus on projects that require my specific brain, rather than holding onto tasks that someone else can do just as well or better.”

— Ashlee Sang, Brand Messaging Strategist

When someone joins your email list
or downloads your freebie, what do you want to happen?

Maybe you want to… 

  • Build a community
  • Offer a VIP Day
  • Book more discovery calls
  • Invest in long-term relationships

Everyone has a different answer and goal for their email marketing. When we get on our strategy call, we’ll dive into this question to map out your new welcome or nurture sequence and automation.

This foundation will set you up to build trust, nurture relationships, and inspire action. 

Every carefully crafted subject line is another opportunity for people to get to know and like you.

Every clicked link brings you one step closer to a sale.

Ready to nurture relationships?

Be the resource you
promised + inspire your subscribers to take action.