Your to-do list just keeps on growing…

Your eco-conscious business is taking off. You’re busier than ever, which means you’re making more impact. Yay!

You’re focused on serving your clients (as you should be).

But you’re falling behind on your blog posts, your website is crying out for an update, and you haven’t shared anything with your email list in months.

You know the longer you ignore those small – but important – tasks, the harder it’ll be to get caught up.

Here’s where we come in!





Time to send
your biz into

Systematizing your business is a game-changer. But it can feel like a massive undertaking – when you go at it alone. 

Hand off those time-sucking details so you can stay in your zone of genius. 

Kick back knowing your most joyless tasks are on autopilot.

Ah! That’s better.

Learn more about how we can support you in the tabs above.

Running an online biz requires a lot of behind-the-scenes action. As you consider what you’d actually prefer to spend your time and energy on, it probably isn’t with the tasks listed below. 

Inside our monthly support retainers, tasks such as these can be one-off projects or recurring tasks we handle every week or month for you.

Have a look to see what could be taken off your plate.

Email Marketing Management

  • Email & Newsletter uploading, formatting, scheduling
  • Subscriber management
  • Automation: workflows, opt-ins, sequences
  • Integrations with other software or platforms
  • Landing page and opt-in form creation
  • Email Service Provider migration

Systems Optimization & Automation

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) & Project Management (PM) systems optimization and management
  • Tech deck integration and automation

Website Maintenance & Editing

  • Website content edits/refresh
  • Blog template creation, uploading, formatting, scheduling
  • New web page design & development
  • Integration with other platforms and plug-ins
  • Website speed and size optimization

Course/Community Management

  • Upload content to platform
  • Integration with other software or platforms
  • Design/style content
  • Sales page setup & design
  • Platform migration
  • Member/Student support

Document Creation & Design

  • Fillable PDFs (workbooks, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Presentation slide decks
  • Branded templates for various business and marketing applications

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out the FAQ section or shoot us an email.

Package Rates


We’re happily available to support you on a monthly basis with our comprehensive retainer packages.

Long-term relationships are our jam! We commit to supporting you for as long as it makes sense for everyone after a minimum 3-month commitment.


Retainer Packages

  • 10 hours = $500 /mo
  • 15 hours = $750/mo
  • 20 hours = $1000/mo

(hours per month)

Every package includes a 1-hour “Team Meeting” each month for planning & strategy.

On a Discovery Call, we’ll help you determine the perfect package for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


display: none;

Do you offer copywriting services?

Nope, but we know some awesome people who do and can refer you.

Do you offer Social Media Strategy & Management?

Not anymore, but we know some awesome people who do and can refer you.

Can you schedule my social media posts?

Only if you batch them, provide all the copy & details, and have a scheduling tool. We can help you with visuals (except for videos) as long as you have branding and a brand guide. If you don’t have branding, we know some awesome people and can refer you.

I don’t see the task I need help with. Do you do [x,y,z]?

We’ve tried to cover everything here and in the Tasks tab, but you can fill out our contact form and ask.

What online tools/software/platforms do you work with?

We haven’t met a tool, software, or platform we couldn’t work with. Some of our favorites: Dubsado, Honeybook, Asana, Notion, Clickup, Trello, Google Workspace, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Kajabi, Teachable, Mailerlite, Flodesk, Activecampaign, Convertkit, Zapier,, and more!

I don't need ongoing support. Do you offer one-off projects or support?

Yes, we do! But only for specific projects. We can help you with website design projects. You can also book a Helper Session to receive help with a particular issue in the backend of your biz. Learn more here.

Working Together:

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When do you take on new clients?

We start all new clients’ contracts on the 1st of the month. Ideally we onboard new clients a week before that to hit the ground running. If that doesn’t meet your timeline, reach out anyways and let’s see what we can do.

When do you send invoices?

We send the first invoice with your contract. Payment is due up front before any work begins. Future invoices are due before the 1st of the next month.

What if I only need support for a few months?

You cancel anytime after the initial 3 months with 30 days notice.

Does the monthly “Team Meeting” call count towards my package’s hours?

No, a one-hour team meeting is included with your package every month. Any additional calls will count towards your time for the month though.

What if I have something I need you to do ASAP?

We require at least 48-hour notice for new tasks. If we have the capacity we may be able to squeeze it in, but if it needs to be rushed we will charge a rush fee.

When do the hours for the month expire?

We’re keeping it simple. Hours reset on the 1st of every month

If I don’t use all my time during the month, do the hours rollover to the next month?

No, hours do not rollover to the next month. We plan for every client’s hours each month in order to plan our capacity to support each of our clients for the time they have booked.

What happens if I use up all my time for the month and need more support?

If we have the capacity, we can discuss how much extra time you need. The overtime rate is $55/hr. If it becomes a trend, we can discuss changing your package to make sure we always have the capacity to support you.

How do I find out how much time is remaining during the month?

We send a weekly time report but we also update your time daily inside your Asana project.

How do I communicate what tasks I need support with?

We’ll have a Kick-Off call to onboard you. During this call we’ll discuss which tasks are a priority, strategize, and plan together. Each month we’ll also have a Team Meeting as needed. Outside of these meetings, we set up your very own project inside our Project Management tool, Asana. This is where we primarily communicate and share info about the work we’ll be doing together. You can add task details to your project. If you’re not familiar with Asana we can show you how to get around.

Robyn Leroy-Evans headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“I can tell Davey + Daphnah truly care

about my business – and I know they

have a TON of knowledge and expertise

I haven’t even tapped into yet.”

Robyn Leroy-Evans, Copywriter

All the Steps


Contact Us

It all starts with you. Reach out via our handy contact form and spill your biz struggles to us.


Disco Call

Hop on a call and chat with us about your biz. Let’s dive deep into the tasks giving you grief so we help take the pressure off.



All the deets from our chat will be whipped up into a proposal just for you. Once you’ve given us the thumbs up, signed our contract, paid the invoices, and completed any questionnaires with your insightful answers, you’ll get an invite for our kickoff call!



We’ll run through the nitty gritty of how each task will be completed so you know exactly what to expect from working together. You’ll share any files and access to systems we may need, and ask any last-minute questions. Then the real fun begins!



We’ll let our badass clients do the talking now:

“It’s such a relief to feel I have support in my business…and to have the practical help I need to get things done.”
– Kat

“Knowing I have support is really reassuring – it gives me the mental space to focus on other parts of running my business.”
– Elma

Kat Luckock headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“You’ve helped me see the value and

benefit of outsourcing regular, repetitive,

or administrative tasks that aren’t the

best use of my time as CEO / Founder.”

Kat Luckock, Social Entrepreneur Coach

Ready to hop on a (no pressure!) call?


Tell us the amazing ways you help your clients and where you’re feeling stuck.

*Or if you don’t like calls, we love emails too!

Ready to hop on a (no pressure!) call?


Tell us the amazing ways you help your clients and where you’re feeling stuck.

*Or if you don’t like calls, we love emails too!