Your to-do list just keeps on growing…

Your eco-conscious business is taking off. You’re busier than ever, which means you’re making more impact. Yay!

You’re focused on serving your clients (as you should be).

But you’re falling behind on your blog posts, your inbox is crying out for a clean-up, and you haven’t shared anything on Instagram in months.

You know the longer you ignore those small – but important – tasks, the harder it’ll be to get caught up.

Here’s where we come in!





We’re more than just your average virtual assistant.

Business as usual is not
what we’re interested in.

And if you’re here, we know you’re looking for a better way of running your purpose-driven business too.
Learn more about how we can support you in the tabs above.

Administrative Support

Every business has mundane tasks to get done. But they take up a lot of your time.

Delegate those joy-sucking details. Ah! That’s better.

Packages may include

Typical admin tasks:

  • Email and cloud management (cleanup, optimization, management)
  • Calendar management
  • Research
  • Document creation
  • Website edits
  • Meeting minutes
  • Social media post scheduling
  • Invoice creation

Packaging & Pricing

Packages starting at $215 USD – completely customized for your needs.

Choose from a one month contract or a 3-month retainer (this one saves you $)

Content Creation & Management

You need to be where your customers and clients are online. Let’s show them what you’re all about!

Conserve energy. Stay in your zone of genius. Let us transform your valuable knowledge into butt-kickin, on-brand content that’ll keep your audience engaged, informed, and eager to buy.

Packages may include

Social Media – customized Content Calendar, copy, graphics & images, editing & transcribing videos, hashtag research, analytics reports, intentional engagement, account audits, and profile optimization

Blogs – copy, research, uploading, formatting, graphics & images, SEO optimizing, scheduling, and automating

Podcasts – audio editing, uploading, show notes & transcriptions, promo materials, and guest management

Email Marketing – copy, uploading, formatting, graphics & images, scheduling, tagging/segmentation, and analytics reports

Repurposing – blogs, emails, social media posts, podcasts, videos, masterclasses, training, or any other long-form content can be turned into shorter pieces to post across different platforms

Packaging & Pricing

Content Creation & Management packages start at $300 per month

This depends on the platform, content type, and number of deliverables.

Creation & Management may be booked separately if you’re looking for either support with copy/graphics OR if the tech side of your content is throwing up blocks in your strategy.

Choose from a one month contract or a 3-month retainer (this one saves you $)

Custom packages available.

You’ll also get access to your customized Eco Helper Content Calendar, where you can view or make changes to your smokin’ new content plan whenever you want!

Systems Setup & Management

Time to send your biz into hyperdrive. 

Systematizing your biz is a gamechanger. But it can feel like a massive undertaking – when you do it alone. Hand off systems set-up and management so you can kick back knowing your most time-sucking tasks are on autopilot.

Packages may include

Systems setups, optimization, uploading of documents, creation of templates, sales funnels, workflows, & more.

We have experience with:

  • Project Management Tools – Asana, Trello
  • Email Marketing Platforms – Flodesk, MailerLite, MailChimp, ConvertKit
  • Client Relationship Management – Dubsado
  • Automations – Zapier

Packaging & Pricing

Setup & Management Packages starting at $200 USD

Custom packages and retainer contracts available.

Robyn Leroy-Evans headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“I can tell Davey + Daphnah truly care

about my business – and I know they

have a TON of knowledge and expertise

I haven’t even tapped into yet.”

Robyn Leroy-Evans, Copywriter

All the Steps


Contact Us

It all starts with you. Reach out via our handy contact form and spill your biz struggles to us.


Disco Call

Hop on a call and chat with us about your biz. Let’s dive deep into the tasks giving you grief so we help take the pressure off.


Custom Proposal

All the deets from our chat will be whipped up into a customized proposal just for you. Once you’ve given us the thumbs up, signed our contract, paid the invoices, and completed any questionnaires with your insightful answers, you’ll get an invite for our kickoff call!



We’ll run through the nitty gritty of how each task will be completed so you know exactly what to expect from working together. You’ll share any files and access to systems we may need, and ask any last-minute questions. Then the real fun begins!



We’ll let our badass clients do the talking now:

“It’s such a relief to feel I have support in my business…and to have the practical help I need to get things done.”
– Kat

“Knowing I have support is really reassuring – it gives me the mental space to focus on other parts of running my business.”
– Elma

Kat Luckock headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“You’ve helped me see the value and

benefit of outsourcing regular, repetitive,

or administrative tasks that aren’t the

best use of my time as CEO / Founder.”

Kat Luckock, Social Entrepreneur Coach

Ready to hop on a (no pressure!) call?


Tell us the amazing ways you help your clients and where you’re feeling stuck.

*Or if you don’t like calls, we love emails too!

Ready to hop on a (no pressure!) call?


Tell us the amazing ways you help your clients and where you’re feeling stuck.

*Or if you don’t like calls, we love emails too!