over Profit

We believe businesses not only have immense power to drive change in the world but that all business owners have a responsibility to do so.

That’s why we choose to work with businesses and entrepreneurs who share our values and use their business for good – putting people and the planet over profit.

To achieve climate justice, we must also fight for social justice. There cannot be one without the other. This is why all our work serves our greater purpose of supporting fellow entrepreneurs to fulfill their own purpose of doing good and making the world a more just and sustainable place for everyone.

“What you do makes a difference,
and you have to decide what kind
of difference, you want to make.” 

– Dr. Jane Goodall

Planet over Profit

Giving Back

Through our membership as a business in 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales to organizations that are dedicated to protecting the Earth and tackling the most urgent of climate issues such as deforestation, plastic waste in the ocean, and access to healthy food.

You can join us and become a member too!

Digital Carbon Footprint

Everything done online has a carbon footprint. Lucky for you, this website is running on sustainable energy. We host events encouraging attendees to reduce their carbon footprint by cleaning up their email and cloud drives. We work with clients to create systems to send fewer emails & optimize images wherever they’re using them.

Learn more about our services.

Spreading Awareness

Everyone can participate in turning the tide on climate change. Educate about the issues and causes you & your business stand for and against, raise awareness on special dates and months, and encourage positive social or environmental change.

Visit our blog page to learn how to use your biz as a catalyst for a greener future.

“We can’t save the planet without
uplifting the voices of its people,
especially those most often unheard.” 

– Leah Thomas

People over Profit

Ecopreneur Community

Entrepreneurship can get lonely but it doesn’t have to be. We host monthly community events where we virtually connect with new biz friends, declutter our digital spaces, and hold each other accountable. Sounds fun, right? These events are 100% free of charge and open to everyone.

You can join our Facebook group or sign up to the mailing list to learn more.

Ethical marketing

All businesses need to engage with their customers through some form of marketing, but often the methods taught make it feel icky. Truth is, it doesn’t have to and we pledge to market our services in an ethical way.

Learn more and join us by taking The Ethical Move pledge. If you see us not honoring our pledge, please connect with us.

Pro- Bono work

We commit to at least 2 pro-bono projects every year for non-profit organizations or social enterprises. If you are setting out to make a positive impact for people and the planet, we are here to help you.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with our services to maximize their impact, contact us to have your project considered.

“Do your little bit of good where you are;
it is those little bits of good put all
together that overwhelm the world.” 

– Desmond Tutu

If you share our values and our vision


We are very interested in working together!

If you share our values and our vision


We are very interested in working together!