Hey, Ecopreneurs!

We’re Davey and Daphnah – here to help you maximize your impact through virtual assistance that goes beyond the basics.

We help eco-minded, sustainable, conscious, changemaking, ethical, purpose-driven, butt kickin’, superhero business owners – like you!

We’ll keep you organized, connected to your customers, visible to your audience, and take on the mundane tasks eating up your day.

Elma Glasgow headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“I gladly hired the Eco Helper as I

knew they are passionate about

the planet and progressing society

and they clearly knew their stuff!”

Elma Glasgow, PR Expert & Coach

Tailored-to-you support for your

purpose-driven business

First, we’ll get to know you – your values, your goals, and your struggles.

Next, we’ll create a sustainable strategy that aligns with your big picture vision for your business.

You’ll then be matched with the perfect package, for you and your business.

With your yawn-worthy tasks handed off, you can focus your attention on what matters most – wowing your clients and making big moves in the ecosphere!

Because you started your business for a reason, right?

We are conscious of our impact on
the environment and other people. 

Think about the impact you could make if you…

didn’t have to worry about

• The mountain of daily tasks you don’t like to do

• Finding the time to learn new programs or platforms

• Staying up to date on the latest trends and technology

• Consistently publishing content to stay visible


had a helping hand with

• Managing content that represents you and speaks to your audience

• Organizing your to-do list via planning sessions, streamlined systems, and collaborative support

• Showing up for your clients and community in a way that feels easy and natural

• Feeling more empowered because you know you have continued
support helping you stay in your zone of genius

Jeanne Carlier headshot in the shape of the Eco Helper logo leaf

“Your process and client experience

are on point and it’s easy to

communicate together when

there’s something to re-adjust.”

Jeanne Carlier, Brand Designer

We love working with any business that values

People and Planet > Profit

• Graphic Designers
• Coaches
• Copywriters
• Consultants
• Web designers
• Artists
• Podcasters
• Eco/Ethical Shops
• Charities and Organizations
• Digital Marketing Agencies
• Bloggers and Influencers
• Outdoor Brands

We want to help make the world a
better place just as much as you do.



Our Story

Fighting for the environment and equality of all people lights us up in a big way. So, in 2020 we combined our skills with our passion and The Eco Helper was born! We now support eco-conscious & ethical entrepreneurs and businesses making a positive impact on the planet and its people. What can we tell ya? We’re living the dream.

One half of The Eco Helper hails from the U.S. of A (Davey), and the other has her roots planted in the Netherlands (Daphnah). Ever since a clandestine meeting while backpacking in Cambodia, we’ve been inseparable – even more so since we tied the knot in 2019.

Eco-friendly business

The Eco Helper is a remote paperless business and our website runs on sustainable energy. We’re always learning more about the programs we use to find more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly options to advise our clients on.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Our long-dreamed-of digital nomad lifestyle began in Vietnam. We called it home for a bit to focus on starting and growing our biz, from cute local coffee shops and lush tropical beaches. The road is always calling – here’s to more adventures! 

Soul Food

When we’re not working at streamlining your awesome eco biz, find us indulging in Return of the Jedi, practicing tree pose, or sampling local delicacies.

Big Dreams

Someday soon our paths might cross on the road – you’ll find us bouncing around the Americas in a converted school bus. Eventually, we’d love to drive that bus to the beginnings of our own non-profit supporting youth through environmental education and leadership.
Maybe meet you there?

Ecopreneur Community


Free Online Community with Monthly Events

Ecopreneur Community


Free Online Community with Monthly Events